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Ebikes range in weight from 15 to 25 Kilos typically, the heavier bikes tend to have bigger batteries and a longer range. Any bike carrier needs to be checked to take the heavier bikes. Manufacturers are trying to use lighter materials for the frames to compensate. 

An ebike can go as fast as you can pedal or as steep as the hill you are riding down. Legally, electrical assistance will cease at 15MPH or 25KPH. Any bikes that say their motor will go faster than that are currently not road legal in the UK.

Typically the distance available on a pedal assist bike is up to 30 miles but it depends on the terrain/hills and how much actual pedalling you do! 

If your ebike has a factory fitted integral battery, an extra external battery can be fitted but must be done so in an electrically safe manner. A second slot in battery is ideal and a larger capacity battery can be used. Do not use a voltage greater than your existing battery. Remember batteries are heavy and some extra power will be used just by virtue of its extra weight. Batteries must be secured safely.

The minimum age for an ebike is 14 and anyone over this age can ride an ebike with a motor capacity of up to 250 Watts. It must have pedals that can provide also manual propulsion.

The only escooters allowed in the UK are the approved ones that you can rent from your local council 'rent a scooter' scheme. Privately owned ones are illegal on roads, cycle ways or lanes. Use on pavements or parks is barred as they are not to be used where pedestrians have right of way.

The best ebike and cycle brakes are hydraulically operated discs. Most premium manufacturers already fit these. An upgrade from cable discs is easy but rim brakes can't accommodate discs.

The best option is to buy rechargeable LED lights. They have various options of power output, continuous or flashing. Most are easily detachable to prevent theft.