Our Stolen eBike Campaign

Theft of eBikes is becoming an ever growing problem, this is our attempt to halt it and help those unfortunate
enough to be on the wrong end of bike theft. 
If your bike is stolen report it to the Police & list it on our
dedicated facebook page Stolen eBikes UK 
  • a location/last seen
  • a photo or several
  • a brand, model & colour
  • any serial or frame/part numbers
  • colour, modifications and unique marks
  • a crime number if you have it

buying an ebike? 

Check the Stolen eBikes UK page first!
Always ask for paperwork and history.
Ask to see all the keys and check they work
Check there is no damage to keyholes or any force damage to frame/wheels
Anyone who does not appear to know much about the bike, vehicle, or only
wants all cash, should make you wary. 

When paying for your bike make sure:

  • the seller provides paperwork, keys and a receipt
  • the bike has clear refs and serial numbers
  • the seller has an address or provides proof of ID

theft proofing your bike:

  • Securely lock your bike using a certified bike lock, our recommendations are here 
  • Lock any batteries to your bike, even better is remove them completely!
  • If possible, remove anything detachable (saddle and lights)